Workout at Home: 7 Simple Equipments You May Need To Support Your Daily Exercise Routine

Nowadays there are lots of people who prefer junk food over vegetables, and are too lazy to exercise and just want to lie down all the time. This is what you call an unhealthy lifestyle. It is common knowledge that an unhealthy lifestyle can spur all kinds of diseases that will be detrimental in the future. But unfortunately many have turned a blind eye to the negative effects of it, believing that they won’t be the one who feels the aftermath.

You need to leave this habit behind. Even if the consequences are not happening now, diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol caused by this unhealthy lifestyle can appear in old age. 

The Importance of Exercising Regularly for Your Health

One of the most important healthy habits that you have to do regularly is exercising. It may seem too tiring, especially if you have tight activities and schedules, thus during the weekend you just want to have to sleep and rest. 

But exercising is important to prevent disease. When you exercise, the muscles in your body will be trained so that when you get older you don’t slouch or get osteoporosis easily. If you are too lazy to move, your immunity will also decrease as a result, thus you will be more prone to illnesses. 

Here is the ultimate benefit of exercising for your overall health.

  1. Stabilize cholesterol levels

An unhealthy lifestyle with frequent consumption of junk food will lead us to high cholesterol levels. Not only due to consuming unhealthy foods, irregular eating patterns, and even a lack of nutrients obtained from food can also cause high cholesterol levels. High cholesterol is very dangerous for our bodies because it can trigger various kinds of heart-related diseases. 

Exercising is one effective way to deal with high cholesterol levels. You can do light exercises such as jogging and yoga to lower cholesterol levels.

  1. Burn calories in the body effectively

Calories are obtained from various foods that have entered our bodies. With exercise, we can balance incoming and outgoing calories to create an ideal body weight. One example of a sport that can effectively burn calories is running. You can do this exercise either in the morning or evening.

The calories burned from running depend on the speed and duration of your run. Besides running, cycling is also the right choice if you want to burn calories!

  1. Maintain healthy heart

The heart is the most important part of our body and we must take care of it so that it can work optimally to pump blood throughout the body. In addition to strenuous exercise, light exercise can also nourish the heart. Some light exercise that can help heart health includes aerobics. Aerobics can improve breathing because it can optimize the entry of oxygen throughout the body. In addition, aerobics can also control blood pressure and make the heart rate more optimal.

What Are the Sports Equipment You Can Use for Exercising at Home?

Exercise doesn’t always have to be done at the gym, there are many sports equipment that you can buy to support your workout at home. With sports equipment available at home, you don’t have to be full of hassle going to the gym especially when you are already busy. 

  • Skipping Rope

Skipping rope has a great benefit to improve your heart and lung health, at the same time it also can train your muscle strength. If you skip for 10 minutes, the calorie burn is equivalent to jogging for 8 minutes per mile. Skipping is a form of cardio exercise and is also really suitable to do at home because it’s quite simple and only requires a skipping rope and proper space.

When you’re looking for a skipping rope, look for one with a sturdy, soft, and non-slip handle so the rope doesn’t easily slip off. 

  • Static Bike

Cycling has many benefits, including increasing arm and leg muscle strength, maintaining heart health, losing weight, and reducing the risk of depression. If you are too lazy to ride a bicycle outside the house, worry not because now cycling can be done at home with a static bike!

With a static bike, you can ride while listening to songs or watching movies On static bicycles, there is usually an LED that will display information about time, speed, calories burned, and heart rate. 

  • Dumbell

For those of you who want to lift weights, dumbbells are the right tool. The size and weight of the dumbbell varies from 2 to 10 kg, you can choose according to your needs and abilities. Dumbbells are perfect for those of you who want to train your arm muscles.

  • Gym Ball

If you want to exercise which aims to shrink your stomach size but are too lazy to go to the gym, you can use a gym ball instead. Besides shrinking the stomach, gym balls can also improve body balance, and tighten the muscles. 

  • Pull-up Bar

Pull-ups are a fairly strenuous sport but have many benefits, including strengthening the back, arm, and shoulder muscles, maintaining ideal body weight, and training hand grip strength. 

  • Kettlebell

This weightlifting exercise is really good for strengthening arm muscles. There are various weight sizes ranging from 4 to 20 kg which you can adjust to your abilities. Exercise with kettlebells besides being a cardio exercise is also good for your brain balance. In contrast to dumbbells, kettlebells are more used for swinging movements. 

  • Yoga mat

Yoga is one of the best exercises to do at home because yoga is a fairly simple exercise. There are so many benefits of yoga, including being able to effectively relax the body. When practicing yoga, you need to have a yoga mat. A yoga mat is not only going to be useful for yoga but other exercises as well. 

To keep your workout comfortable, you should be smart in choosing your mat. You should choose a mattress with materials made from nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR). NBR is a well-known material because it can withstand oil, and heat temperatures and is very elastic. An oil-resistant and easy-to-clean mat is very important for you to stay comfortable while doing yoga. 

Ensuring you have the best workout equipment at home is important to support your healthier lifestyle journey. With proper equipment at home, you will feel more energized to work out regularly. If you are currently looking for any sports equipment, be it for the tools, the best suit to support your workout activity, and even workout accessories such as headbands, you can purchase them all easily at Temu. 

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