World Happiness Report 2022 Malaysia An Overview Of Happiness Report

These are details about the World Happiness Report 2020 Malaysia and its evaluation.

The happiness report is something that we all know. It is released each year. This report examines a few parameters to determine which countries are happier and who has risen up the ladder.

Malaysia has enjoyed a more positive report from the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network. The country is now at the 70th spot in the most recent report, having risen 11 places. This article will provide all the details about World Happiness Report 2020 Malaysia, and how it is calculated. Continue reading until the end.

An Overview Of Happiness Report

The World Happiness Report also studies trends related to happiness. These include understanding the trends that were calculated over the first fifteen year of Gallup World Poll data. It also includes information about how policies and measures have changed over time.

This is the first World Happiness Report, which was published in 2012. Below, you will find details about the World Happiness Report 2020 Malaysia as well as the factors that determined it.

More Information About World Happiness Report

  • Based on data from Gallup World Poll, the World Happiness Report 2022 was calculated.
  • These numbers were calculated using surveys from 2019 to 2021.
  • The World Happiness Index is calculated by six factors: GDP, life expectancy, generosity, freedom and corruption as well as social support.
  • The UNSDS prepares a World Happiness Report based on these factors to determine which country is at the top of the ladder.
  • The World Happiness Report’s current theme, which focuses on a country prior to COVID, focuses on how countries face the crisis and develop science for the benefit of society.

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According to the latest report, Malaysia has moved up 11 places to the 70th spot. After suffering a four-year drop in happiness, it has seen a remarkable rise. It was ranked 35th in 2018, and fell to the 80th spot in 2019. It is currently at the 70th spot in 2022.

Other top-10 countries include Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Sweden and the Netherlands. The World Happiness Report 2020 Malaysia report shows that while it is ahead China, it still trails Singapore in the list of most happiest countries. China occupies the 72nd spot, while Singapore is at 27.

The Concluding Thoughts

The World Happiness Report assesses the stability of countries around the globe, as the world enters the third year in the Covid 19 era. The report also evaluates happiness using six factors, including GDP, freedom and life expectancy.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions also released the report.