Chicken is rich in protein and nobody can deny a grilled chicken that’s perfectly juicy and tasty. You can find grilled chicken on everyone’s favorite food list. However, cooking it at the perfect quality and temperature becomes a risk factor for many. Just in case, if you’re hosting a party, you don’t want to mess up the chicken by grilling it at the wrong temperature. This article will help you attain your chef cap in grilling chicken by giving you some valuable tips. 

Get Your Chicken Ready!

The marinating part is crucial for juicy chicken. You have to marinate the chicken for at least 2 to 4 hours. Well, a secret tip is the longer it immerses, the better it tastes. Ensure you put these three aspects – Acid, Seasoning, and fat. For acid, vinegar or citrus fruit like lime will do well. And for seasoning, you can add any spices and herbs of your choice. And for fat, add yogurt, buttermilk, or oil to soak the meat better. 

Griller and Grilling Tools

Well, this is the crucial part. You have to ensure that you have all the necessary griller and grilling tools like a thermometer to check the grilled chicken temp. Griller size plays a great role in your cooking time. Preparing the griller is one of the basic things to do when you grill meat. So if you have a large griller, then it’ll take too much time to preheat that thing. And if you have a smaller grill, then it won’t be sufficient when you’re inviting guests over. One must choose an appropriate griller size that doesn’t take much to preheat and works fine to cook for a moderate amount of crowd. 

Then, a temperature checker is essential. The normal temperature to grill a chicken is 350º to 450º F. And to check that temp you need a thermometer. There are two types of thermometers available in the market. One is an Instant Read Thermometer and another one is Leave on Thermometer. 

As the name suggests, instant-read will give you the temp results instantly when you place it on the chicken. And leave on thermometer has to be stabbed on the meat and left while grilling. It’ll show the temperature throughout the time you grill the chicken. Most people prefer the former as it’s simple and give you immediate result. 

The “How to” Process

So you have the necessary equipment and marinated the chicken for the right amount of time. Then what? How are you going to grill that perfect juicy chicken?

  1. First, you have to clean the grill to remove any leftover pieces from the last cooking and pre-heat the griller to 375 to 400 F to create the perfect temperature. 
  2. Second, put the marinated chicken on the griller and cook it for 6 to 8 minutes for each side. Do not forget to close the top, so no heat will escape. 
  3. Third, temperature checking – as already said, the cooking temp is around 350 to 450 F. But you can take the chicken off the grate once the grilled chicken temp reaches 160 F which is the perfect temp for the juiciest chicken.
  4. Fourth, once you take the chicken off the griller, you’ll place it on a plate and make sure you wait at least ten minutes before cutting the meat. It’s very important to achieve the juicy chicken goal!

That’s it! Now you must’ve learned how to make the perfect chicken for your BBQ parties.