Your Comprehensive Guide to Cancer Insurance Plans

Cancer insurance plans are comprehensive health policies covering major treatment expenses across all stages of cancer. Although most of us have a standard health cover, we seldom consider securing our lives from a life-threatening condition as severe as cancer. Cancer can be triggered by lifestyle or hereditary conditions, and a large part of the population is at risk. This makes cancer insurance crucial. 

If you are thinking of buying a cancer insurance plan, here’s your comprehensive guide to understanding what it entails and how it can help you.

Cancer-Specific Coverage

The plan is specifically designed to provide cover for cancer treatment and therefore is less expensive compared to a traditional health care plan covering almost every ailment. By opting for this cover, you get financial assistance during the most challenging times of cancer treatment. What’s best is that you can also choose to pay the premium for cancer cover in installments, making it highly affordable and less burdensome. 

Complete Protection for the Entire Family 

You can include up to 6 members of your family under a single cancer insurance plan. This way, you don’t have to get separate cover for each of your family members and thus it saves you the hassle of maintaining multiple plans and paying separate premium amounts. 

Coverage for Different Types of Cancer

The cancer insurance plan is designed to provide cover for a variety of cancers. However, you must carefully go through the terms and conditions defined by your insurance service provider before you opt for the plan. This will help you better understand what types of cancer-related treatments are covered and to what extent. 

No Claim Bonus

If you have not filed any claims during a policy year, you would be entitled to a no-claim bonus that increases your cover with a higher sum assured at the same premium. This will help you get maximum financial benefit during cancer treatment, including pre and post-hospitalization expenses. 

Affordable Premium Rates 

A Cancer insurance plan is affordable and isn’t as costly as some might think. Also, if you take a multi-year policy, you can save a significant amount of money on your premiums thanks to discounts offered by various insurance providers.

Value-Added Services

Under a cancer cover, you are entitled to a free annual health checkup from the second policy year onwards. Moreover, you get value-added services such as doctor-on-call and quick recovery assistance, and much more, depending on your insurance service provider. 

Financial Assistance During Trying Times

Treatment of cancer is an expensive process that requires a lot of money and time. In the absence of a cancer insurance plan, a person could end up using all of his life’s savings and accrue debt to fund treatment. A cancer insurance plan saves you from this debt trap and protects your savings from being wiped out by offering comprehensive coverage for the treatment. 

Care Health Insurance is one such leading health insurer, offering comprehensive cancer insurance plans that cover everything from pre and post-hospitalization to day-care treatment and therapies. Moreover, they have a stellar network of more than 19000 healthcare providers, ensuring that you can access quality treatment no matter your city of residence. With an industry-leading claims settlement ratio of 95.2%, you can rest assured that Care Health Insurance will address your claims in a timely and effective way.  

The importance of a cancer insurance plan cannot be stressed enough in a world where environmental conditions are wreaking havoc on one’s health and making us prone to diseases such as cancer. Therefore, it’s important to have health and financial security to ensure the overall well-being of your financial health!