6 Ways in Which a Personal Alarm Watch Improves Lives and Retains Independence

Being able to go about a normal daily life is something most Australians take for granted. The freedom to head off anywhere with a care in the world is a wonderful feeling. However, it can be quite different for seniors or those living with a disability.

Friends or relatives who care for those in such a position also see their lives change. It’s never easy to strike the right balance between useful and a genuine help and getting in the way and making things uncomfortable. There is a perfect solution at hand, for those who wear a https://www.tunstallhealthcare.com.au/personal-alarm-watch for the following 6 reasons.

  1. It is simple to wear and use. The meticulously crafted watch carries all the usual functions of a timepiece, only with valuable added extras. It is simple to use and carries many state-of-the-art features so living is more fun while the wearer retains their self-pride. They can head out with confidence knowing that they have back up and professional assistance should they need it. 
  2. The watch is simple to use when it is needed for its most important function, which is to get help when required once it has been connected to a mobile 4G network. There is an emergency SOS button, which when activated puts the user straight through to the 24/7 Customer Care Centre of the provider. Professionals at the other end assess each situation and then provide the relevant assistance. Knowing that they’re not alone provides comfort to wearers, and may allow them to consider how to choose the best contractor for a kitchen refurbishment.
  3. Because the watch is fitted with a location tracker, those in the centre don’t have to ask long questions about where the user is, which saves time and stress. It can mean that on occasions where emergency services are required, they can reach their patients faster.
  4. It provides vital information for health services as the heart rate monitor continuously tracks the pulse of the user. Those who are required to attend a situation will be one step ahead with such data at hand as they consider the best response and treatment.
  5. The watch is fun to wear as its additional features provide information on how many steps have been walked each day, which can form part of a fitness programme and improve overall wellness. Such motivation leads to empowerment and pride, as a full independent life is enjoyed while knowing that any problems can be dealt with by the simple press of a button. Maybe the watch might be worn on a visit to a historical cultural centre.
  6. The peace of mind that the watch provides is twofold. Those wearing it know that they are not alone, which relieves anxiety and fear. They can still explore places knowing that they have back up. Loved ones can also lead to a less stressful existence.

The purchase of a personal alarm watch provides empowerment and independence to wearers who know they can receive support any time that they require it.