9-tips to create custom socks for corporate

Corporate gifts are fun; they help welcome, celebrate and thank people who helped your business thrive. But, with so many options, it becomes challenging to choose; some are amazing, while others are useless. So, how will you stand out if you are creating corporate gifts? How will you create products that someone will not throw in the trash and make a connection? As a business, it becomes imperative to choose something helpful for clients, industry peers, trade shows and conference attendees, etc. You don’t want to give “just gifts”; you want to make an impression. Your clients want to feel appreciated, valued, and like VIPs. What is the answer? You can achieve all these with high-quality and premium custom socks. 

Corporate custom socks help give someone “a gift” from your business. They can be clients, customers, vendors, or prospects. In some cases, you can also extend the gifts to those people’s families. Sometimes, you will send the custom socks as a goodwill gesture, without any particular reason. However, there are some popular reasons you want to send these socks as gifts: 

  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Personal achievements like growing a family
  • Professional achievements like adding a new qualification
  • Welcoming new employees or clients
  • Appreciating clients
  • Work anniversary 

You can use corporate custom socks as standalone or along with a gift basket. They don’t have to be grand; you can use three-four high-quality useful items, welcoming them to the business family. 

  1. Build relationships with clients: High-quality corporate custom socks go a long way in impressing clients and building long-lasting business relationships. Your clients don’t want to feel like a number on spreadsheets, and giving personalized socks will make them feel you spent time thinking about the gift. 
  2. Encourage prospects to become customers: Sending out useful custom branded items like socks to people who are not your customers will help start an excellent relationship. It will show prospects you are the right company for their needs; it helps to stick out in the mind of the decision-makers. 
  3. Motivating and inspiring your team: Corporate custom socks are for your clients and your employees. They are your most valuable asset; taking care of them with heartfelt products will encourage them to work harder. 

Tips to consider for creating excellent corporate custom socks: 

  1. Share your work culture:

Every company has a unique and fun culture; share it with others using custom socks. It could be the work you do or the product you create. In the tech world, “casual Friday” is an everyday affair; people often wear t-shirts and shorts to work. With your custom logo socks, you will get tremendous exposure. It would help if you created something meaningful or close to your company. 

2. Be inclusive to all: 

You need to be aware of your bias about designs or colors which you think are “cool.” People have different kinds of choices for socks; some wear no-shows, some ankle-lengths, and some like dress socks. It would be better to create two-three styles using the same design and materials. 

3. Presentation matters:

Don’t underestimate the power of presentation while gifting corporate socks. Imagine the positive experience you can provide with a nice box, tissue paper, or a handwritten note; the key is paying attention to details. You can use multilayered inserts to tell your brand story. 

4. Involve everyone: Ivolving everyone in the company in creating the custom socks will make the entire process a collective effort. It will give everyone a much-needed break from their monotonous routine; it will be fun and an opportunity to bond. You can ask for opinions and encourage everyone to participate. 

5. Share some local flavor:

Every city/ town has something unique; you can incorporate those into the socks’ design. It will remind receivers where you are and build goodwill among local businesses/ clients for highlighting the thing. E.g., if your business is located in a city famous for grapes, you can add grape pictures along with your business logo on socks. 

6. Think quality: 

When creating corporate gifts, including custom socks, you want to focus on quality. The products represent your company’s image, and people associate those with the service/ products you provide. If your budget is low, creating a few high-quality socks rather than average or low-quality custom socks in huge quantities would be better. 

7. Think outside the box: 

Most businesses choose the traditional colors or designs for their corporate custom gifts. You must experiment with a few colors and choose some uncommon ones to stand out. 

8. Don’t overbrand: You must refrain from slapping a huge logo or company’s name with giant fonts; be tasteful. If the product is good, people will take note, and you don’t have to ask for attention. It needs to complement the sock color. 

9. Consider recyclable/ sustainable: Using recyclable, sustainable, or eco-friendly materials helps make a mark. There are many materials like organic cotton, bamboo, cruelty-free silk, etc. It will establish your company as a pioneer in the industry. 


Successful corporate gifting is about sending high-quality gifts to the right people at the right moment. It would be best to create corporate custom socks that let your employees, clients, and vendors feel appreciated. If you are ready to simplify the process and make high-quality items, then connect with EverLighten. They have over eighteen years of experience creating custom socks with logos helping startups, businesses, etc. 

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