Name Plate Holders


Acrylic Name Plate Holders vs Metal & Aluminium 

Name Plate Holders

Are you finding it difficult to choose between different name plates? Identity is surely a matter to be concerned about. With various options available in market, it can be a difficult choice to select what you actually want. We have catered some information for you, so that it will be easier for you to choose from. Look at some amazing custom acrylic name plates that will bring the glimpse of ‘self-love’ every moment you enter you home.

The actual purpose of having a name plate matters. As depending on the usage and the placement, you have to choose a guide to make this decision. Don’t worry, we are here for you. Let’s dig in ourselves into some important information that will let us make the appropriate decision.

Placement and purpose

You may purchase a name plate for various purpose. Every purpose serves a back-end process, as the material and quality of name plate matters. We cannot directly decide or purchase something without understanding the process. So, here are some reasons that you may look into. 

  • Office desk: Been an indoor location, having a name plate of the office desk may require something that’s shiny. It will not be affected with more light exposure, or also dust. You can clean it on regular basis, and also move it from one place to another place. It needs to be something decent to look at, and have a classic vibe.
  • House entrance: The first impression is the last impression. To prove this proverb effective, you have to consider having a well versed name plate hanging out of your home. This will give a proper glance of how well you present yourself to the guests, at the same time bring good vibes. 
  • Office entrance: Many organizations and companies consider having a ‘holding’ name plate outside their office entrance. This is to give two different impressions to the client and customers. The first one is their presence, and second one is their professionalism. You cannot compromise on something like this, right?
  • Style: Style does matter. For an instance, the location can be set as secondary. Depending on what style of name plate you want to purchase, it can chase you for months and years. So ensure to have a good style and design of name plate.

Well, there is much more that we can consider, but let’s proceed on understanding which material is good, Acrylic Name Plate Holders or Metal & Aluminium?

Acrylic Name Plate Holders vs Metal & Aluminium

Before we compare and conclude which among them is best, let’s understand the good signs of both.

Acrylic Name Plate Holders:

Acrylic are cheaper to manufacture, hence the cost to purchase them is cheap. You can still consider having a great design at a low cost as the material can be easily moulded. As there are several options of customizing the Acrylic Name plate, you can simply brush, polish or even powder coat them. This brings up a flexibility on the name plate. With Acrylic Name plate, you can enjoy the flexibility. This is a really important factor that has to be considered. Currently majority of customized requests needs tons of flexibility, that’s why people prefer Acrylic name plates.

Metal & Aluminium Name Plate Holders:

In the current times, Metal and Aluminium costs are touching the sky. But considering the strength, you cannot deny them for long-term. As majority of people prefer, they simple engrave their identity ‘name’ on the name plate. This gives a classic and decent look to the viewer. It’s old, but the traditions stands on point. Indian People look at strong edges and styles that let their name plate with-stand any physical damage. This cannot be neglected, right? 

What’s good?

Well, durability, flexibility, efficiency, and quality. Consider these 4 factors before making a purchase. Recently, people are considering more options in customized Acrylic Name plate holders, as they are more feasible than Metal and Aluminium ones. Look at something around you, as your eyes can’t miss the point. 

Do not forget, your identity is something that represents you. So, ensure to engrave your name on something that’s beautiful, elegant, and everlasting.