Can Salesforce be used by nonprofits?

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Salesforce is currently the top CRM solution for organizations worldwide, aiding with improved productivity.

Gladly, Salesforce is not only for the corporate universe. The best thing about choosing this CRM is—by its unique features, you can make use of it for your nonprofit as well.

Let’s know about the Salesforce Nonprofit cloud, its features, and how it can help nonprofit organizations.

What are Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud & its Features

Salesforce nonprofit cloud assists in fundraising, donating, and marketing efforts of nonprofit organizations. Thus it makes the overall task easier, making the campaigns more successful.

There are four main features for nonprofits as follows:


This feature allows organizations to connect with the right supporters more skillfully. It provides nonprofits with a comprehensive understanding of the collaborators, assisting them in managing and carrying out their fundraising objectives.

Also, it simplifies communication between organizations and partners, provides a unified view of donors, and encourages them to continue their support.

Digital-first: Agile fundraising

Nonprofits can design and develop effective fundraising strategies that attract more funding with the aid of a digital-first fundraising strategy.

The digital-first approach enables fundraisers to reach out to potential donors. And it will enable you to reach out to them through various channels with personalized communication.

Program management

Program managers can quickly define and develop new programs or modify services in accordance with requirements—thanks to the Salesforce Nonprofit program management feature.

Furthermore, this management tool makes it simple for nonprofits to manage various programs, regardless of how many there are or how complicated they are.

Marketing cloud

The purpose of the marketing cloud for nonprofits is to improve their communication strategy more quickly. Additionally, you can use it to send more individualized emails and messages to your supporters.

On the other hand, email templates are already included in the marketing cloud for nonprofits for volunteers, donors, subscribers, and sustainers.

5 Reasons why nonprofits can use Salesforce?

Let’s see why a nonprofit should utilize Salesforce and what benefits they can derive from it.

Affordable solution

Affordability is one of the significant benefits of Salesforces. Over 32000 nonprofit organizations worldwide are currently receiving assistance from Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud.

Moreover, there is this “The Power of Us Program” by Salesforce’s providing affordable products and services to benefit nonprofit organizations. On top of that, the first 10 subscriptions are completely free for nonprofits as part of the Power Us Program.

Easy Customization

The ability to customize Salesforce is one of the main benefits for nonprofit organizations. That’s why NGOs can tailor the features of the nonprofit cloud software to suit their everyday operational needs.

Most nonprofits operate under the same paradigm. But some of them have particular needs and different missions.

Gladly, Salesforce customization comes in handy for them because it enables them to alter the default features and functionalities. They will enable nonprofits to achieve their particular goals.

Keep the business organized

The main advantage of Salesforce for nonprofits is reducing clutter and producing more organized, actionable technology plans. 


The built-in functionalities of the Salesforce cloud for nonprofit organizations enable them to design and build unique workspaces for each participant.

Managing nonprofits’ operations, including grant applications, hiring, and workforce management, is typically challenging.

In such a situation, Salesforce can aid you in overcoming the difficulties. Furthermore, the Nonprofit Cloud platform enables the creation of customized dashboards for various teams to make it easier for teams to manage and complete their work.

Increased operational efficiency

Salesforce can dramatically increase the efficiency of your organization. It’s the main reason for choosing Salesforce.

Additionally, it aids in establishing a strong communication link between the staff. Also, it will enable a nonprofit to communicate with its partners effectively.

So, know that—a rise in operational efficiencies ultimately results in achieving the targeted goals within the allotted times.

Flawless reporting

Every nonprofit organization must accurately record and report all of its work. The reporting is critical because it includes its fundraising efforts, programs, seminars, and donations.

So, it is crucial to keep these reports up to date and accurate. Besides, this has a big impact on your goals and objectives.

This CRM software is well-known for its precision and dependability—both are very advantageous to nonprofits. This is why—choosing Salesforce for reporting is one of the best choices for nonprofits.

Wrapping up

You can only go forward once you clearly understand how your organization operates. And it applies to nonprofits of all sizes. Considering that, with the assistance of Salesforce nonprofit cloud, you will get an updated and thorough overview of your NGO’s activities.