Good Habits to Avoid Hypertension Prevention is always better than curing.

The article Best practices to avoid hypertension provides an overview of the prevention strategies and healthy lifestyle suggestions in a clear way.

Do you know that an excessive intake of salt can cause hypertension in adults? Are you aware that around 700 million people go untreated for hypertension?

With an average prevalence of 30 percent, India has become the new place to be for a lot of hypertension cases.

Here’s the news article that helps you understand about good habits to avoid Hypertension.


In medical terms hypertension, also referred to in the medical world as hypertension is the force that flows through our blood when it collides with the arterial. About one in three grown-ups suffers from hypertension.

The main threat is the lack of warning or signs of high blood pressure and it could cause stroke or heart attack.

It also provides us with some good news. The positive part is that we are able to stop it from developing at an early stage through healthy practices. A healthy lifestyle that is well-executed can help us in preventing or treating hypertension.

Prevention is always better than curing.

Individuals must adopt the right habits to avoid Hypertension to keep a healthy blood pressure of 120/80.

Tips to reduce hypertension

  • Breakfast is important and not skipping it. Having well-balanced healthy meals particularly the DASH diet plan can help reduce BP.
  • The reduction of sodium intake ( cook salt ) and increasing the intake of potassium (in vegetables, fruits and other foods)
  • Engaging in regular physical activities
  • Exercise is something doctors suggest committing 2 and 1/2 hour per week to exercising.
  • The proper body mass index (BMI) is crucial because obesity can lead to hypertension.
  • Regularly check-ups

Best Practices to avoid hypertension

  • Smoking cigarettes can cause cancer but also heart attacks as well. Nicotine is a principal factor in causing hypertension.
  • Individuals are advised to limit their consumption of alcohol and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests two drinks a day for males and one drink per day for women.
  • A prolonged consumption of caffeine causes an increase in blood pressure. Caffeine may raise BP by up to 10 hg.
  • Beware of processed foods that are more processed due to the increased sodium levels
  • Do not drink carbonated beverages.
  • Sleeping in a consistent way.

Hypertension sufferers are victims

The people who don’t adhere to the good habits to avoid Hypertension tend to be the actual people who are the real victims. In addition, various factors can cause the development of high blood pressure.

  • Age: The more old you become more likely you are to develop hypertension. of developing hypertension.
  • Generating a female: Certain genetic variants in families have been associated with an increased risk of developing high blood pressure.
  • Weight The obese are more likely suffer from hypertension. People who are overweight are more likely to have high blood pressure.
  • Sexuality: In comparison to females the males have a higher chance be hypertensive.
  • The job one is employed in affect a individual’s health
  • The eating habits of people vary according to the country, therefore people must choose healthy eating habits.


The best practices to prevent hypertension aid in getting treated, however as well getting medical attention is essential, and they must adhere to the correct prescriptions given by their doctor.

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