Goperya .com Cons of This Forum

This post is written to provide you with the pertinent information on Goperya .comand to be aware of the risks of gambling.

This article will provide information about the brand new website. The website was created by Philippines is based in the Philippines and the people of the Philippines is very active and keen to learn about this website. We would like to inform you about this forum.

Goperya is the title given to this forum, which is famous for its betting. It’s an online platform where users log in to place bets on various items and earn credits. However, is it a reputable platform? Do people really need to choose this method of making cash? Is Goperya .com legit? Let’s look below-

Is This Platform Legit?

  • Creation Date:Goperya was discovered on January 11, 2022. This is a modern website to be rely on.
  • Expiry Date –The website will be shut down on the 11th of January, 2023. There are only 8 months left until the website expires.
  • Alexa RankingAccording to some reliable sources, Alexa’s rank is not very good: 2074708.
  • Trust Index(orTrust index isn’t found everywhere.
  • Trust ScoreTrust scores couldn’t appear on any reliable platform.
  • TrafficThis website’s traffic is popular and comes via the Philippines.
  • Location Location The indicated address on Goperya .comis in San Francisco, California, the United States.

What are the Specifications?

  • Website- www.goperya.com
  • Server Names- The popular server names are chad.ns.cloudflare.com and jasmine.ns.cloudflare.com.
  • Name of the Registrar Nameof this registrar’s name is NameCheap, Inc.
  • Web HostThe Name of the server is AS13335 Cloudflare, Inc.
  • Category Category This website falls in the category of login, since it requires logging in to place bets on the site.
  • IP AddressThe IP Address is located in San Francisco, California.

After having a thorough look at this site Let’s look at the reasons this site is trending.

Why is Goperya .com Trending?

Goperya is a major trend due to the Philippines”people. They are extremely curious about this site and are eager to participate in the game. Many people are excited about knowing more about this site because they can get free cash rewards when playing a bet.

Pros of This Website-

  • We cannot provide any advantages to using this site since gambling is always detrimental to physical and psychological health.

Cons of This Forum-

  • This website encourages gambling and betting that is harmful.
  • It’s a brand new site and also a niche with a short time as well. Goperya .comwill expire in the near future.
  • The Alexa rank is very low on this site.
  • Its trust score as well as its trust index aren’t accessible anywhere else.
  • The number of visitors to this site is extremely limited and is it is surrounded by Philippians.
  • The most important information regarding this specific website isn’t easily accessible on any platform. No single platform offers a comprehensive overview of this forum.
  • This is a very suspect and suspicious place to go.

Therefore, after weighing all the advantages and disadvantages, we are unable to endorse this website at no cost.


For a final thought, Goperya .comis an extremely flagged website. We urge that you stay clear of it and stay clear of any kind of gambling. The information that is on this site isn’t provided in a sufficient manner anywhere.

The information gathered is based heavily on Internet research. Additionally you can click here for for a learn more about the dangers of gambling and the reasons one should not bet. Moreover, Comment Down The Worst Addiction According to You-