Tensky high-speed hair dryer


Tensky hair dryer: the Game-Changer of Intelligent Blow Dryer

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Generally, our mood and confidence are affected by good hair. So, if your crowning glory is important to you, it makes sense to invest in a good hair dryer, too. A good hair dryer can shave precious time off your morning routine, smooth out frizz, and prevent heat damage with gentler heat settings.

If you are looking for an affordable hair dryer that combines aesthetics and high performance, then Tensky hair dryer may be your ideal choice.

What is the Tensky hair dryer?

Tensky hair dryer is equipped with a high-speed brushless motor, similar to Dyson Supersonic, generates a maximum wind speed of up to 23m/s, and achieves double hair drying efficiency. Through countless inner tests, they came to the conclusion that it can smoothly work for 32 years if it is used for 5 minutes every day.

The hair dryer has 4 adjustable heat settings, they are cold/warm/hot/alternate cooling, and heating. Its negative ionic technology helps to reduce static and fizz, meanwhile improving your hair’s natural gloss.

What makes Tensky hair dryers different?

Tensky hair dryer comes with an automatic alternate between cold and hot airflow every 15 seconds, which effectively protects the scalp from heat damage. Powerful high-speed airflow dries various kinds of hair within half the time of traditional hair dryers. Super lightweight and compact design make it easier to carry while traveling.

What specs does Tensky hair dryer have?

Powerful: Equipped with a brush less motor of 110,000 RPM, it can generate 6 times the air pressure of a traditional hair dryer.

No extreme heat: Thermo-Control technology protects hair from extreme heat damage.

Negative ion technology: 200 million negative ions per cm3 boost hair shine and smoothness and reduce frizz.

Durable: It can run smoothly for around 1000 hours.

Ultra-silent: 20dB lower noise than 79dB of Dyson Supersonic. Very quiet, even at the highest air flow.

How Much Does The Tensky hair dryer Cost?

Don’t miss early bird pricing for Tensky high-speed hair dryer for $149.99 on amazon or on its official web.

What is Tensky brand?

Tensky, is an intelligent high-speed hair dryer brand, founded in 2018 in Shenzhen, China. It has more than 10 years of experience in product design, technological innovation, manufacturing engineering, and supply chain management. Inspired by the idea that everyone should have access to quality hair dryers at an affordable price,  Tensky is focusing on making cutting-edge technologies to serve a quality life.