Jmv Hyundai Sohna Reviews Hyundai Sohna reviews!

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Hyundai Sohna reviews!

Sohna is one of the cities within Gurgaon. Recently, an incident took place at an Hyundai dealership. Creta proprietor Mr Ajit Singh was assaulted and slapped in the face inside the dealership. A few people have created an online video that goes popular on social media sites.

It is time to learn a few facts about this particular dealership, and what the customers have to say after buying an automobile from this shop and also, learn about some experiences about this shop.

Jmv Hyundai Sohna Reviews

Some customers have faced problems with this dealership similar to Sohna Hyundai’s showroom. It is huge and offers a wide range of cars however the professionalism was lacking. They also sell faulty vehicles. The service quality of this dealer is not great.

In addition, a significant incident happened in this store, find out more about the incident. Based on our research we’ve discovered that between ten and fifteen individuals were involved in the incident. They attempted to take the phone of Mr. Ajit by slapping the guy.

A criminal case was brought against the dealership in addition, Hyundai India is also a Jmv Hyundai Sohna Reviews .

This case was transferred to the court and police have supplied CCTV footage and requested an apology from this Hyundai Creta’s owners.

Why is this subject being discussed?

This subject has been hot because of the viral video posted via the Creta owner’s close friend. This has made it popular through social platforms. After watching this video people are angry and look for information about it.

What made the Hyundai owner suffer this kind of a punishment?

Dealers assist him in resolving the issue and inform the owner to take down this video off social networks. However, he wasn’t convinced with them, which is the primary reason Hyundai dealerships started to retaliate and demanded he provide positive JMV Hyundai Sohna reviews. But he dined to them, which is why they began to beat him. Later, police were able to save the man.

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Final Verdict:

In our research we have found the Creta owner Mr. Ajit bought a new vehicle and , from the very beginning, it had a number of issues. After he complained to the dealer and made an online video that criticized the lack of professionalism of Hyundai workers, about 10 to 15 people came around him and slashed the car.