Joshua Graves Obituary :- Did Joshua Graves Ottawa Kill anyone?

This article discusses the Joshua Graves Obituary case, which was widely reported on the internet. The suspect was shot and then died by officers.

Who is Joshua? What happened to Joshua? The name has been viewed by many more people than ever before. The buzz surrounding the case is spreading rapidly at the moment. It has been noticed that netizens from countries such as Canada and The United States are the most curious of all.

Continue reading to learn more about the Joshua Graves Obituary and see what the investigations reveal.

Who was Joshua Graves,

Joshua Graves, a 21-year old man was killed by three officers. According to investigations, Joshua refused throw the knife he was holding during the attack in retaliation for the officers having no other choice but to do so. His obituary was published right after he was shot by police.

According to the court, Joshua Graves has been charged with criminal harassment as well as assault on June 24, according to the court. According to the court, he had been stalking a female friend of his school for four months.

These allegations allege that Joshua Graves Ottawa tried to initiate conversations with her and behaved inappropriately. However, these allegations remain unproven.

Joshua’s release orders state that he was to live with Emily Graves, his mother, from then onwards. His father, who was also his guarantor, had been his previous residence on Anoka Street.

Emily Graves stated in her statement that she had an anxiety disorder and was now seeking treatment. Her son, she believed, was very lost and not connected to the real world.

Catherine Ready’s participation in the Joshua Graves Obituary

Catherine, the eldest child of the Ready family, was 19 years old when she survived the stabbing with the police officers. Joshua is alleged to have followed, stalked, harassed, and even forced himself upon Catherine Ready.

The investigation reports reveal that Graves’ family asked him to stop following Catherine after he expressed an unusual interest in her.

While officers were on patrol, Graves was found stabbing Catherine Ready. Police officers asked Joshua Graves to drop his knife several times. He refused.

Did Joshua Graves Ottawa Kill anyone?

Graves was prohibited from having any contact with Catherine. Three days after the stabbing incident, Graves made his first court appearance to fulfill his crime obligations. He was also arrested on a previous charge and released 24 hours after his arrest.

Many facts in the case remain unknown and unproven. Any factual information that readers may have gathered from official sources is theirs to add.


Joshua, a Canadian boy, was accused of stalking and harassing Catherine Ready over several months. Joshua Graves Obituary When he was discovered stabbing Catherine with his knife, three officers shot him. In that exact incident, he lost his life.