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Have you been aware of recent events within the Philippines? The ceasefire between the rebels and the government troops was becoming dim, and the public was seeking out the latest information on the web sites. This article on PNPdims.com will provide you with the latest information on the current situation between the rebels and the government troops, as well as the views from the party of communists in that area.

This article will be instructive for anyone with a keen interest in knowing the state of affairs was like in the country.

Was the state of affairs between the forces of the army?

The military was sentenced to attack by the NPA which is the New People’s Academy. The reason for this is that the soldiers were carrying out an operation to promote humanitarian aid at Northern Samar. Pancratius Cascolan, the DOP told the police officers that they were ready to start combat patrols alongside Army Troops.

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Cascolan declared that the high command from the PNP have organized all maneuvers and tactical units to prepare an offensive against NPA. However, the founding father of communist parties Jose Maria Sison, claimed that the NPA has agreed to defend itself and stop government activities.

Furthermore, the police officers as well as the military didn’t believe that a ceasefire for Christmas was necessary this year. In addition, the former head of the PNP and Sen. Panfilo Lacson, said that there was no need for a truce during the Christmas season since the President himself has referred to all the rebels as arsonists.

Combatting Patrols

Police commanders were instructed to initiate combat patrols, both preventive and prophylactic, together with AFP. According to Pnpdims ‘ com declarations the NPA rebels are known for launching ambuscades and sabotage raids. According to Cascolan the crime is more preferred to the defense. Military officials believe that the situation will be at its highest at the time of the anniversary of the 49th. This year’s anniversary falls on the 26th of December.

This means that the situation could turn more dire anytime, as officials announced that the CPP along with the NPA as bomber groups. Even though the ceasefire was dimmer however, there was no confirmation that it could escalate into violence at any time. Be aware that the information are from sources on the internet and we do not guarantee or advertising the ceasefire.

Sison has also stated that the NPA would be at its peak and will be able to counter offensives. According to PNPdims.com There is an arrogance within the NPA and military operations are ineffective at the moment. You can click this link for more information regarding PNP as well as AFP.


In closing this article In the final paragraphs, we’ve made our readers aware of the prior circumstances that involved NPA as well as AFP. They were arrogant they could turn worse at any moment. The leaders have put their ideology on their respective bases. According to the online sources, the NPA was classified as a terrorist organization, that is infuriating to the NPA. We are all eagerly awaiting more news regarding this ceasefire, which has been fading.

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