The Art of Persuasion: Writing to Influence and Convince

Persuading someone is one of the toughest jobs. Further, when it comes to persuading through writing, things can get even more difficult. Research shows that students are not well-equipped to handle the concept of argumentation, a key element of persuasion.

There are a lot of instances when students have knocked at the doors of essay help websites to get the necessary assistance with persuasive writing. It is not easy to write such pieces if you are not well-versed with the various techniques. Whether you’re struggling to grasp the intricacies of persuasive writing or simply need guidance, seeking support from online platforms can be beneficial when you’re thinking, “do my essay.”

The experts associated with essay writing service providers like AllEssayWriter.com can help you learn how to persuade through writing. However, you need to understand the main objective of persuasion before you ask for help.

The following points will help you understand how learning the art of persuasion will help you write influential and convincing pieces.

  • Role of ethos, logos and pathos

You need to understand all these elements before you start writing a persuasive essay. If you want your audience to accept what you say, you must establish yourself as an authoritative figure. Ethos is all about the way you present yourself.

The next element, logos, considers the use of logic and argument in your essay. If you want your essay to sound convincing, you must find and use logical arguments and proper data. The readers will need to understand how you formed a view when they go through your paper if you don’t provide supporting arguments.

Would you be convinced by a write-up only based on data? It is impossible to connect with readers if there’s no emotional appeal. That is exactly what pathos is all about. The great philosopher Aristotle emphasized the importance of understanding the reader for writing convincing pieces.

  • Significance of choosing words carefully

Have you ever interacted with a sales representative? If you have, you will know how each word they say matters a lot. Further, you might also have picked any word they use and used it against them. The act of persuasion depends on how well you use your words. This is why experts suggest students choose their words carefully.

As these essays are meant to be strong and have to be convincing enough, you need to pick the words that can get the job done. You must use some emotive language, words or phrases to build a connection with the readers. Further, work on some puns, jokes and rhyming words to make the entire piece worth reading.

  • Speak with the readers

You have to understand what readers might think about the topic you choose and work on your piece accordingly. Students make the mistake of putting across their points without building a connection or answering any questions. As argument is a key element of persuasion, you need to anticipate the questions they might have and answer them in your essay.

Speaking with the readers is one of the most effective ways of persuading. Making the write-up conversational will add value to the essay and help you convince the readers. They will not get defensive and listen to you when you give them the room to think. It is highly recommended that you refer to samples available online to understand how to write these essays.

  • Repeat your main arguments

Repetition has always been considered one of the classic techniques in persuasive writing. You have to ensure that the readers have your ideas in their heads even after they have completed reading the entire piece. There’s no denying the fact that the more one hears something, there’s a chance that they will remember the same.

The art of persuasion relies on how well you use your main arguments and repeat them over and over again while writing the essay. It will help you overcome the odds and do what you wanted to do.

Final thoughts,

It is important to acknowledge the importance of learning the ways to persuade through writing. There will be instances where you will be asked to present your views in writing to persuade others. It is necessary to understand the importance of the various elements and the correct ways to go about it. The ones mentioned above will help you learn how to persuade and write a convincing essay.