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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Travel by Trains in India

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If you plan on seeing multiple states in India, taking a train is your best bet. It is quick, simple, and economical all at the same time. You can comfortably extend your legs and take in the breathtaking scenery as you travel on the train. Those annoying problems that usually arise during a trip are now a thing of the past. Nowadays, stepping on a train is like setting off on a memorable vacation.

By using a rail enquiry app, travellers can research train routes and select the most suitable option. The railway enquiry app provides online access to data like PNR status, live train running status, etc. You can rely on these apps to help you organise and carry out every step of your rail journey.

In this article, you’ll learn all the great benefits of travelling by train in India. 

7 Reasons to Travel by Trains in India

Indian Railways represents one of the most significant train networks around the globe. Regarding Traveller comfort, the railway industry is focused on presenting the most cutting-edge technologies.

With the development of India’s extensive rail network, previously inaccessible towns and cities are now within easy reach. Several national and international authorities have lauded Indian Railways for its efficient functioning.

Some benefits of using an Indian train are as follows:

Get down at the central spot

Most Indian train stations are centrally located, making them a suitable starting point for exploring the city upon your arrival. If you’re arriving at the train station rather than the airport, you won’t have to waste time and money on a transfer into the city.

Get the best services and monetary savings

For longer trips, the train is a great choice. Fast and frequent train service is available. Railways have cut short all waiting periods and introduced fast online services so you can complete your purchase quickly and easily. A train ticket will not require you to empty your wallet. Passengers’ needs are fulfilled at a low cost, and everyone is happy.

Bring enough luggage

When taking a train trip, you can bring a great deal of luggage without paying excess baggage costs, unlike when flying. You can safely store all your suitcases below your seat in your compartments. There is a special luggage train that can transport even a bicycle. So, compared to other long-distance transit modes, passengers on India’s trains can bring along far more luggage.

Order tasty meals from online vendors

The best part about trains is the delicious snacks and meals on offer. Your desired food for the train journey is now a mobile click away. Several online food delivery vendors offer multiple categories of cuisines for train travellers. These e-catering services allow you to order food and bring it to your seats while travelling by train.

Unwind in your comfort zone

Booking a sleeper berth allows you to spend most of your trip in bed, where you can get some shut-eye or read your book of choice. Taking a train is your best bet if you want to relax completely. When compared to aeroplane seats, train seats offer more legroom and comfort. Time for a little leg stretch? Sure, go ahead and enjoy a smooth ride.

Indulge in an endless supply of amusement

Often, the histrionics you’ll witness on board will make you forget about the world’s problems for a while. Also, you needn’t restrain yourself. Do whatever you like, whether singing, dancing, playing cards, etc. Don’t be offensive or inappropriate, though. You’ll notice that your fellow passengers are looking at you with envy as they anticipate your next move. The romance of travelling by train is undeniable.

Take in the vibrant crowd

Perhaps you won’t find a more diverse range of individuals anywhere than on an Indian train. It’s spectacular how different people can be, from the languages they speak to their clothes to the topics of conversation (which might not even include cricket). Despite their many differences, the people of India get along quite well because they love India’s extensive railway system.

Live Train Running Status Ensures a Stress-Free Trip

You need to know a few essential things about a train trip. Discovering that a specific train is late with no means to prepare for it can be stressful and awkward. Conversely, knowing the precise timings when trains are due to arrive and depart can drastically cut down on time spent waiting. Train delays can be more easily handled if passengers are given ample notice.

Today, you can check the current status of trains in real time. Trains equipped with global positioning systems may be tracked live, allowing passengers to monitor their location and make better-informed travel plans. With NTES live status, you can see where your train was last seen and when it is expected to arrive and depart from each subsequent station along the route.

When you check the live train operating status, you will see the following results:

  • A list of intermediate stops
  • The current departure and halt status
  • Status for the subsequent three days

The train’s present location and progress in India can be checked in real-time by calling the Indian Railways’ customer service line (139). It’s a dedicated train helpline available at all times for taking your questions or concerns related to trains.

As someone aptly noted, the genuine beauty of India rests in its countryside. Why not explore it by train? Take a trip and experience something new; classic, cosy, romantic, and quaint. While relishing a train trip, you can picture the world going by outside your window. These are some recollections that are often pleasant and spectacular, sticking with you for the rest of your life.

Commuting by railway is strongly suggested if you want to see every facet of India. The RailMitra app is a crucial resource for a relaxing train trip. With a single tap on your smartphone, you can precisely spot a train on its current route. You can also check your PNR status, view the train schedule, place an in-train food delivery order, and more.

So, get the RailMitra app right now and enjoy your next train rides in India!