Vegetable proteins are also important and these are the most relevant

The proteins of animal origin are the best considered among society because they contain all the essential amino acids for the organism. That is why those of animal origin are called of high biological value.

However, nutritionists explain that it is necessary to establish a nutritional balance in this regard, so that our diet must also include proteins of plant origin, which are generally healthier.

Proteins of animal origin are found in varieties of meat, fish and eggs, having an important capacity for use by the body.

High protein vegetables

Nutrition specialists recommend that 50% of the proteins that we contain in the body are of origin animal; while the 50% remaining must come from foods of plant origin.


Thus, there are different foods of vegetable origin with an interesting protein value for the body, such as seeds, legumes, nuts, different types of cereals and wheat.

Among all protein foods of plant origin, it is necessary to highlight legumes, although the amount of protein may vary from one type to another. Thus, some legume-based foods with a high protein content are the following:

  • Tofu: It is a healthy food that has become popular in recent times, especially among people who follow a vegetarian diet. This food is obtained from the coagulation of soy drink, which is obtained directly from the grains of this seed.
  • Tempeh: It is also made from soybeans, although in this case it is obtained by fermenting whole soybeans White.
  • Hummus: It is a kind of pasta that is made mainly based on chickpeas, although it is usually seasoned with different ingredients, such as mint, lemon or cumin.

For their part, most nuts also provide proteins essential vegetables for the body, in addition to other essential nutrients, such as omega 3 fatty acids. However, as with legumes, their nutritional composition also varies depending on the type of dried fruit.

Cereals, protein food

Similarly, some cereals also contain an interesting protein composition for the body. Thus, the proteins found in some cereals such as oats, rye, barley and corn are especially recommended.

An ideal product in terms of its protein content of vegetable origin is Seitan, which is known in different fields as 'vegetable meat'. This food is obtained by cooking the wheat and extracting the starch.

Subsequently, the starch is boiled in a broth together with soy sauce, kombu seaweed, tamari and ginger. As it is treated as vegetable meat, it is used to make meatballs and it can also be braised, fried or even breaded.

In short, the proteins of plant origin are also important for the proper functioning of the body. Thus, foods such as tofu, tempeh, hummus, seitan or tahini are composed of vegetable proteins that are of great need for the human body.

Thus, nutritionists point out that the key lies in combining the different foods of plant origin to obtain the complete amino acids from plant foods.