The start of a new business is usually done with the hope of new fortune and success. Owners of small business ventures should be aware that businesses flourish only when there is a consistent plan for promotions and creating brand awareness and identity. Usually, promotions and publicity require a huge fund or steady cash flow to be invested in it but this is difficult for new enterprises. Firstly, their budgets are limited and secondly they are wary of investing huge sums of money without proper assessment and guarantee of returns.

A Cost Effective Promotional Plan

There are quite a few promotional ideas available that are budget friendly and yet quite reassuring when it comes to effective results. One of these is the use of a window decalfor your business promotional plans. These are attractive and easy to use apart from being very cost effective and affordable.

What Is A Decal And How Does It Work For Business Promotions

In simple terms window decals are like stickers. But the stickers mean business. They are made with a durable material which is thick in textures and carries a message of a design on behalf of your company. They come with self-adhesive strips on one side which is covered. Just remove this cover and stick it on a surface.

The name window decals can be a little misleading at times because you can place and secure this sticker almost on any kind of smooth surface; place it on a stone surface, wooden or plastic and of course glass surfaces.

There are window decals that are called single side or perforated and others that are double sided. In case of the former there is a design that is placed on a glass surface which can be your shop door or even a window. But the other side will be able to see through the transparent glass and people on the side of the decal can see the design graphics. In a double-sided decal, there are patterns and graphics used on both sides of the glass; the design can be same or even different for both sides.

A wide range of full color graphics are used to create designs of different kinds. There are several size and shape options available as well. This will also depend on where exactly these will be placed. If you are giving window decals to customers for promotional purposes which will be put on their cars and vehicles these can be smaller and in round or oval shapes. In case of designed decals for your showroom or shop windows these will be used with greater use of colors and attractive designs that will gain the attention of onlookers and passersby,

Durable And Weather Resistant

Window decals are made with vinyl which is not only durable but water and heat resistant. The texture of these are quite thick and can be easily placed on the surface by simply putting pressure and sticking them. 

Where To Get Window Decals From

Window decals are made by a large number of print media companies and there is one near you as well. Almost all of them have an online presence and with an active team of professionals to help you, placing an online order is not difficult.Their price packages include design assistance along with complete customization of your business demands. They will ensure a safe package and delivery to your address. Packages also include liquid applicators for sticking the decals.