Yeedi Vac 2 and Vac 2 pro What is vac 2 and what is vac2 pro?

It is the primary responsibility for women to take care of their homes, especially when it comes to cleaning and dusting. Women have more difficulties cleaning than men. Hand-mopping is a time-consuming activity that puts pressure on women. We designed the vac 2 and pro robotic vacuums to assist women with their cleaning chores. The robot vacuum takes care of the cleaning and does all the work.

This product has been recently launched and has attracted maximum attention from women. Yeedi, a Chinese company, has produced excellent products in its economic range. The vacuum cleaner has received positive reviews on Amazon, as well as other websites. In the following sections, we will discuss the Vacuum cleaner’s features.

What is vac 2 and what is vac2 pro?

Yeedi’s robotic vacuum cleaner oscillates by itself. The machine can be operated with a simple switch. On May 12, the vac 2 and vac 2 pro, a modified version of the earlier Vac 2, will be available on Amazon and Walmart. Modern design is used to create the machine, which measures 340mm in diameter and has a 75mm thickness. This is far more than other brands.

Product Specifications (Comparison)

Yeedi also makes it easy for users to upgrade to vac 2 series yeedi models. You can trade in any yeedi model that you own for credit towards the purchase of yeedi va 2 series starting May 2022.

yeedi vac 2- Series Specifications

Model of Productyeedi vac-2 proyeedi vac-2
Price$ 449.99$ 349.99
Obstacle Avoidance3D Obstacle Avoidance3D Obstacle Avoidance
Mopping systemsMopping system that oscillatesMopping that lasts
Suction Power3000 Pa3000 Pa
Carpet DetectionYesNo
Battery Capacity5200 mAh2600 mAh
Dustbin Capacity420 ml420 ml
Water Tank Capacity180 ml240 ml
Self-Empty StationYesYes


Below are some features:

  1. Oscillating Mops System :- yeedi The yeedi oscillating mops feature mimics human hand movements and ensures that the cleaning is done correctly. It can handle stubborn stains and vibrates the floor up to 480 times per hour. It is unlike sonic mopping, and can be used to clean both sides of the floor. This makes cleaning five times faster than manual cleaning. This machine can clean wooden, tile, and laminate floors. The machine produces very little noise.
  2. 3D Obstacle Avoidance :-The Smart 3D light sensor structure allows yeedi to scan the environment, detect dust particles and obstacles and then act quickly. This feature allows the robot to measure obstacles’ heights, widths, and lengths and then intelligently avoid them. The 3D sensors can detect nearby sounds and allow people to clean up without the need for picking up items.
  3. Carpet Detection  The robot is equipped with mop lift technology. This is a brilliant idea for cleaning carpets. This machine is able to handle low pile carpets less than 5mm. We cannot risk it. yeedi,Carpet detection sensor identifies your floor. The yeedi,Carpet detection sensor, will automatically turn up the suction power in vacuuming mode in order to clean carpets. The products are great for carpets and will steer clear of carpets.

4) Navigation :-yeedi has visual mapping that can be used for cleaning and can move under your couch, table or bed. The sensor is protected during daily use and there is less risk of damage.

The yeedi va 2 pro can also be used with a Self-empty Station, which is available separately and is hands-free for several weeks.

6) Changing the Old in for the New: yeedi also offers a program that allows users to exchange their old units for a new unit. It also makes it easy for them to upgrade to vac 2 series models. This program is known as the swap repair program. The program will begin in May 2022. The buyers have an additional advantage, as they can buy the product.


The product offered by yeedi looks attractive. However, the investment for this robot machine varies from person to person. It also depends on their opinions as to whether they are interested in purchasing the products. This product is useful for those who don’t like to mop every day. Are you familiar with this product? What are your thoughts on this product? Please let us know.